Zoul™ The Occupational Progressive Lenses, designed for indoor and outdoor activities.


Zoul consists of 3 designs.

Zoul Work™ This high performance occupational progressive lens, designed for indoor work activities.

  • Offers the ultimate in eye comfort for working at desks and in meeting rooms.
  • Help reduce neck stiffness and discomfort, while looking up or down.



 Zoul Drive™ This high performance individual digital progressive lens design provides the ultimate in vision for driving. 
  • Utmost balance across distances, for safe driving, as well as wider, clearer, more relaxed and comfortable vision.
  • A special coating provides more visual contrast and anti-glare properties.


Zoul Play™ Customized specifically for sporting and outdoor activities, this high performance individual progressive lens.

  • Provides optimum vision in far and intermediate distances, with personalized compensation for the position of wear.
  • Suitable for large and special wrapped frames.



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